Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

1. Foster the realization of the following main objectives of the Sabbath School:

A. Faith emphasis

1. Gospel central

2. Prayer and devotion

3. Spirituai growth through Bible study and sharing faith

B. Fellowship emphasis

1. Fellowship in weekly program

2. Fellowship in service

C. Community emphasis

1. Life related Christian experience as a drawing power

2. Relationships for soul winning

D. World emphasis

1. Missions

2. Stewardship

Job Duties

1. Promote the Sabbath School objectives of:

A. Every church member in regular attendance at Sabbath School

B. Daily Bible study

C. Soul winning

D. Systernatic offerings for missions

E. Nurturing of members

*2. Call a meeting once a quarter of the leaders in the adult division to discuss aims, goals and programs

*3. Schedule the adult division superintendent and assistants for program leadership responsibility

*4. Use the budgeted money to purchase books to build up an adequate Sabbath School library

*5. Inform the members of material available at the Adventist Book Center

6. Prepare the program and begin Sabbath School at the appointed time

*7. Near the end of each quarter discuss with the Sabbath School council the number of items needed on the "standing order" list of supplies to be ordered from the Adventist Book Center by the general Sabbath School superintendent 8. Coordinate the use of Mission Spotlight' with other departments

9. Coordinate Sabbath School music with pianist and chorister

10. Provide names and program for church bulletin to church secretary

*11. Give a quarterly written report of expenditures to the general Sabbath School council

12. Work with the investment secretary in promoting investment in the adult division

13. Support Vacation Bible School Job Relationships The leader of the adult division is responsible to the general Sabbath School superintendent. The assistant leaders and teachers in the adult division are responsible to the leader. The leader of the adult division is a member of the Sabbath School council and represents the adult division at the council.

* Adult division Leader (not assistants)