Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

1. Oversee the work of Christian education in the church setting.

2. Cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the work of receiving the divine likeness in human beings.

3. Facilitate the use of "true insight into human nature," knowledge of science and most effective means of communication in the process of regeneration by the Spirit.

4. Foster the development of building accommodations so that classes may meet in a quiet setting for group discussion.

Job Duties

1. See that all departments are functioning properly, are growing, and have definite objectives in teaching and soul winning

2. Give guidance and encouragement to division leaders

3. Promote the Sabbath School objectives of:

A. Every church member and child in regular attendance at Sabbath School

B. Daily study of the Bible

C. Soul-winning and soul-holding evangelism

D. Systematic liberal offerings for missions

4. Work with the evangelistic steering committee, investment, reception committee, and the Vacation Bible school program during the summer months

5. See that each department has adequate help, supplies, equipment and budget

6. Control the money budgeted to the Sabbath School in the current year's church budget

7. Work with the membership chairman in reclaiming missing members, in keeping the Sabbath School membership list up to date, and in encouraging leaders and teachers in a consistent home visitation program

8. Work with the Sabbath School secretary in keeping adequate records and making reports

9. See that Sabbath School progress and statistical information is reported to the Sabbath School membership

10. Call monthly-to-quarterly meetings of the Sabbath School council at the discretion of the General Sabbath School superintendent to take care of the Sabbath School operations

11. Assist in building up an adequate Sabbath School library

12. Promote attendance at the conference-sponsored Sabbath School meetings

13. Place orders for supplies for each Sabbath School department through the personal ministries secretary and periodically evaluate standing orders to see that there are sufficient supplies and to discourage waste

14. General Sabbath School superintendent may also be elected as a division leader

Job Relationships

The general Sabbath School superintendent represents the Sabbath School on the church board, is chairman of the Sabbath School council and is a member of the finance committee. The general Sabbath school Superintendent is responsible for familiarizing the advisors with pertinent aspects of the Sabbath School department. All Sabbath School division leaders and auxiliary personnel are responsible to the general Sabbath School superintendent. The Sabbath School superintendent is responsible to the church board.

Note: This is an administrative position