Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The Sabbath School Council plans for all phases of Sabbath School work.

Job Duties

1. Provide ways whereby the following may be discussed:

A. General Sabbath School organization

B. Sabbath School purposes and objectives

C. Responsibilities of the Sabbath School and of the individual officers

D. Class and division organization and objectives

E. Training for efficient leadership

F. Sabbath School goals; membership, attendance, offerings, Bible study, Sabbath School expense

G. Vacation Bible school

H. Investment I. Supplies and equipment

J. Soul-winning and soul-saving plans

K. Visitors, hospitality to Concern for members, call or visit when absent or ill M. Development of Sabbath School library within the church library 2. Recommend names for vacated Sabbath School offices to the church board

3. Choose teachers for all divisions and, where possible, choose pianists or other musical accompaniment for the divisions (if the church nominating committee has not performed this responsibility). Choose Sabbath School membership chairman

4. Promote and plan for Sabbath School visitors' day


General superintendent (chairman) Sabbath School secretary (secretary), membership chairman (chairman), investment leader, vacation Bible school leader, division leaders, personal ministries secretary, an elder, pastor ex-officio

Job Relationships

The Sabbath Council convenes monthly-to-quarterly at the discretion of the general Sabbath School superintendent and is responsible to the church board.