Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The youth council carries forward the youth ministry of the local church which includes: youth Sabbath School, youth outreach, fellowship groups and other public meetings, and recreational activities in harmony with the North American supplement to the church manual. For further information see the special leaflet "Youth Ministry, Plans in the Local Church" from the youth department.

Job Description

A. Membership

1. Youth leader -- an adult who has demonstrated youth leadership abilities

2. Associate youth leader for Sabbath School where size necessitates

3. Associate youth leader as secretary /treasurer

4. Additional youth as selected

B. Meet at least monthly to plan both long range and immediate plans. All major plans submitted to a church youth advisory board

C. Divide responsibilities such as Sabbath School, outreach, study groups, recreation, etc. to involve a larger number of youth in the total church youth ministry

D. Advisory board of the church youth council

1. Membership:

a. Elder or other advisor who serves as chairman as designated by the board of elders or the church board

b. Youth leader who serves as executive secretary

c. Personal ministries leader

d. General Sabbath School superintendent

e. Health /Temperance leader

f. Pathfinder director

g. Social committee chairman

h. Pastor

i. Communications secretary

j. School principal

2. Counsel and approval of youth plans

3. Meet at least quarterly

Job Relationship

The advisory board of the church youth council as established is called by the church youth leader in council with the designated elder.