Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The education secretary keeps records of our youth, knowing their ages and location, and is a resource person for the local church school, academies and Walla Walla College.

Job Duties

1. Keep a written record of all children and young people in the church. The education secretary should keep an active and current card file of the membership by families, noting the names of all school-age children and where they are attending school. Notation should also be made if there are special problems (divided home, finances, etc.). This information is confidential and should be used only as necessary to encourage church school attendance

2. Provide the pastor with an annual list of families whose children are not in church school; work with pastor or other responsible church leaders in promoting Christian education in homes where children are not in church school

3. Ascertain financial need and appraise pastor or finance committee of specific need of family, so follow-through can be accomplished by appropriate persons or worthy student committee

4. Promote Christian education by:

A. Giving brief talks during pre-church service on value of Christian education

B. When educational promotion materials are received from the conference office, make sure they are inserted in the bulletin C. Work with pastor in planning yearly education day program

5. Promote concept that Christian education begins at infancy in the home. It would be an appropriate gesture for the church, through the education secretary, to make a gift of the book, "Counsels to Parents and Teachers" to the new parents. This is also an appropriate time to suggest the beginning of an educational savings fund for the new child 6. Work closely with the pastor, sharing his work load in educating the members in the importance of Christian education

7. Pray for the children and youth. The children of our church are the leaders and workers of tomorrow. Encourage your church to join together in praying for them, that they will be fully surrendered to Jesus Christ and may ever be faithful in their relationship to the church as they reach up to grasp higher rungs on the spiritual ladder

Job Relationships

The education secretary is responsible to the church board.