Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Standifer Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA




Job Summary

The personal ministries secretary is the representative to the Adventist Book Center (ABC) for all departments of the church and conducts clerical aspects of the personal ministries council. Job Duties

1. The church pastor and personal ministries secretary are the only personnel authorized to order and charge items at the ABC to the church account.

2. Channel the bills received from the ABC to the church treasurer noting what each charge is for and file original invoices for record

3. Enter all transactions in the order book

4. Order Sabbath School supplies from the ABC as indicated by general Sabbath School superintendent

5. Post a master list of the quarterly orders for the Sabbath School secretary, and give one copy to the Sabbath School superintendent

6. Work with the personal ministries leader in obtaining orders during periodical campaigns and send to conference office as directed

7. Keep a record of orders and payments of periodicals by church members. Actual payments are handled by church treasurer

8. Arrange for collection of debits pertaining to periodical orders

9. Complete "Church Personal Ministries Report" at end of each quarter

10. Attend conference personal ministries secretaries' meeting

11. Read bulletins sent by conference and disseminate appropriate information

12. Distribute copies of the "Adventist Layman" to appropriate people

13. Do secretarial work for the personal ministries department as designated by the personal ministries leader

Job Relationships

The personal ministries secretary is a member of and responsible to the church board and is a member of the lay ministries council and Sabbath School council.